Judith Morrissey & The Roadside Attractions


Sometimes on the roadtrip we call life, it's nice to pull over, take a break & check out a Roadside Attraction....

         Judith Morrissey & The Roadside Attractions are a talented team of creative musicians.  Judith will capture you with her fearless powerhouse vocals and stage presence as she works together with her solid and well-seasoned band members.  This group will transport you in a musical time machine to your favourite classic rock and pop hits… and some original songs too!  Known for their musical versatility and breaking boundaries with their unique versions of the songs – you will surely be entertained!

 Judith Morrissey – vocals/acoustic guitar/songwriter 

Pete Newman – vocals/bass 

Paul Monahan – vocals/electric guitar 

Robert Stokes – vocals/keys 

Will Pinsent – drums



Booking Information

Will Pinsent

(709) 740-6646