Happy to be home 

Where does the time go?  I have looked forward to being close to the friendly and familiar faces of my original home once again after 10 years of living "away."  At the same time, I am tremendously grateful that life has given me a couple of more places that I call home, as well, with amazing new best friends I met along the way.

When I left my Newfoundland home, I thought it would just be for the summer.  Then, Christmas came.  My first Christmas away, I did not get a lump of coal in my stocking, but I got a lump in my throat.  But even though I moved away, music came with me wherever I went.

Somewhere along the line, I changed my artist name to a moniker.  Under that moniker, my first music video went viral online receiving over 25 million views worldwide.  It felt very surreal.  I was not expecting that to happen and I didn't have a proper YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, or a website, etc. to coordinate the momentum.  Also, I'm not one for seeking a record deal or putting out press releases so if you lived in Newfoundland and Labrador, you probably didn't hear about my exciting news.  The majority of the views happened in other parts of the world outside of Canada.  I was invited to perform in countries such as Portugal, Spain and Barbados, to name a few.

The music video was for a song called "Whatcha Say."  I received messages from people all over the world letting me know how the song touched their heart, and that made me feel very humbled and fulfilled as an artist.  Between work and life, I have since figured out how to create my own YouTube channel, though I have created a couple and taken them down as I'm learning how to use it, and returned to my own name.  I would love for you to hear the song, and have included a link to the video right here:

Whatcha Say by Judith Morrissey

I have since worked with four producers from Western Canada, and became a co-producer and producer.  The producers I have worked with were lovely.  They listened to my vision and we achieved recording my songs in the way I hear them in my head.  That means, you can hear my songs the way I artistically and authentically wanted them to sound on a recording.  A dream come true.

Life has many possibilities, hey.

I'm happy to be home in St. John's, NL once again, and I'm excited to work with a new band!  Please stay tuned for more news and upcoming shows.

I would like to say a big thank you to my husband, Mom and Dad (may God rest your soul), family, friends, fans, songwriters, musicians, producers, and writers (media), I have worked with over the years.  I would like to acknowledge the support of SaskMusic (The Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association) Investment Program and Government of Saskatchewan - Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport.  Saskatchewan warmly welcomed this soul with open arms, and now I miss my Saskatchewan home.  I have visited a number of times already since I moved, and will always have Sask in my heart.  I would also like to acknowledge the support of MusicNL (The Newfoundland and Labrador Music Industry Association) and ArtsNL (The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council) for their support in helping me grow as an artist before I moved away.

Drifting from Coast to Coast, here are a couple of photos from a couple of my favourite Canadian beaches (I love all beaches):

The first photo is from Gooseberry Beach on the Cape Shore, NL.  This beautiful sandy beach is just over a 1.5 hour drive from St. John's, NL, and a 20 minute drive from where I grew up, Cuslett, a community of 30 people.

In the second photo, I'm hanging out with some gorgeous driftwood in Tofino on Vancouver Island, BC, where beautiful sandy beaches reach infinity.  Google tells me that Tofino is an 81 hour drive from Cuslett :-)







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